A letter to Hasan Rouhani; for Kurdish Language in Khorasan

More than 100 of Kurdish cultural and civil activists in Northern Khorasan, in a letter to Hassan Rouhani on April 26, 2018, have requested the establishment of a Kurdish language and literature in universities and higher education institutions in North of Khorasan. Obviously, they had also applied on last year by sending a letter to the University of Bojnourd, which has remained unresponsive yet.

In the name of the God of the Merciful and WisdomDr. Hasan Rouhani(The president of Islamic republic of Iran)Greetings and respect and blessingbased on the clear indication of the Constitution law (Articles 15 and 19) and confirmation of the higher authorities of our country, including you, and the scientific and cultural managers of Islamic Republic of Iran’s executive system, in emphasizing the respect for human rights, civil rights, ethnic rights of our country’s peoples, as well as, according to the Decree No. 13951207 dated on 07/12/1395 Ministry of Science in the field of informing the curriculum for a continuous bachelor’s degree in Kurdish language and literature, we a gathered number of people and cultural activists of the Kurdish people in Northern and Razavi Khorasan, on Wednesday, January 17, 2018, by sending a letter to Educational Deputy, University of Bojnourd, applying for the creation of a field of Kurdish language and literature (Continuing Bachelor) at Bojnourd University (this letter is attached for your consideration).However, unfortunately, it is some months over from submission of our legal and lawful application, but the University of Bojnourd has not given us any official and convincing answers, and it remains completely absent. By considering it is not desirable that our application be subject to time and forgetfulness, and by that our legal human rights and lawful civil rights be clearly violated, we ask the Presidents of the Islamic Republic of Iran to take the necessary steps in properly follow up of, and fulfilment of the application concepts entirety.A group of Kurdish cultural activists of KhorasanThursday 26 April 2018A copy, to:Ministry of science, research and technology; for your information and suitable actionsSignatories (names are reserved)
In the name of the God of the Merciful and WisdomDr. Omidreza Dehghan(Educational Deputy, University of Bojnurd)Greetings and respect and blessingbased on the clear indication of the Constitution law and confirmation of the higher authorities and the scientific and cultural managers of Islamic Republic of Iran’s executive system, and based on the necessity and compassion for our country, we the signers of this application, as a group of people and Kurdish cultural activists of North and Razavi Khorasan Provonces Razavi, who wants to keep dear Iran’s cultural heritage, the opening of the field of study of the Kurdish language and literature (with the Iran’s common and legal script and alphabet) at the University of bojnourd, is a necessary need to consider, regarding to the high number and the important cultural and historical role of the Kurds residing in Iran’s Khorasan in service to the Iran, calling for a serious attention of respected scientific and educational authorities of North Khorasan, to meet this the basic needs of people.
Therefore, and according to Decree No. 13951207 dated on 07/12/1395 (25/02/2017) Ministry of science, as well as an emphasis to respect for human rights and civil and ethnic rights adapted according articles 15 and 19 of our country’s Constitution, we ask from the Educational Deputy, to take deserves actions for our demand of opening the field of study of the Kurdish language and literature (BA, continuous baccalaureate degree) in the University of Bojnurd.A group of Kurdish cultural activists of KhorasanWednesday, January 17, 2018A copy, to:Educational Deputy (and higher education expansion Council Office), Ministry of science, research and technology, in order to take action and suitable track.Signatories (names are reserved)

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